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 It is with a sad heart that we announce the passing of Woody Baston in 2018.  Both he and his father Prescott designed and manufactured every Sebastian Miniature, the longest running US based collectible spanning 75 years.  The spirit and grace he brought to everything he designed and everyone he met will never be forgotten.


Since 1938, Sebastian Miniatures have been designed, copyrighted, put into production and then hand painted.


The original artist was Prescott W Baston and the tradition was carried on by his son, Woody Baston. 

Each and every Sebastian Miniature has a copyright date on each sculpture.  This is the date the sculpture was originally designed.  During that year the sculpture was put into production and depending on the piece, may have been a limited production item and only made during that year or some piece were made over as much as a 40 or more year period.


From 1938 till 1945 the sculptures were made in a studio located in Arlington, MA at which time the studio was moved to Marblehead, MA and remained there until 1975.  Prescott W Baston was the artist of all of the pieces made at these two studios.


In 1976 the production was moved to Hudson, MA and produced in cooperation with Lance Corporation.  The production continued there until Lance closed in 1997.  From 1998 till 2013 the production was done in Wayland, MA






 The oldest / original sculptures made in Arlington (1938 – 1940) were imprinted on the underside of the base.  There are three different imprints that were used during this time.

 From 1941 – 1945 the remainder of the sculptures made in the Arlington, MA studio have no labels nor were they imprinted. 



 The sculptures made in the Marblehead, MA studio (1946 till 1975) had a green and silver foil label affixed to the underside of each base which reads “A Sebastian Miniature designed by Prescott W Baston, Marblehead, Mass.”.  Unfortunately it was common for the original purchaser of each sculpture to remove these labels so there are a number of pieces in circulation that today, do not have labels.



 The sculptures made in the Hudson, MA studio and a small (various colors) oval label affixed to the underside of each base.  There are also some small numbers and letters hand written on the underside of each base.  Normally there are two or three letters which represent the person who painted the sculpture.  This is followed by a “/” and then a letter (this letter represents the year of manufacture “A” is for 1979, “B” is for 1980, “C” is for 1981 and so on).  There is then another “/” and a number, the number represents the location the artist worked.  A typical marking looks like DRF/B/1.

 Each label reads – “SEBASTIAN MINIATURES, Handcast & Hand Painted, HUDSON, MASSACHUSETTS”

 From 1976 till 1982 the labels did not include a date, starting in 1983 the labels do contain the year of manufacture. 


The sculptures made in the Wayland, MA studio have either a blue or red foil label affixed to the underside of the base which reads “A Sebastian Miniature, Designed by Prescott W Baston, Jr., Wayland, MA USA”, these labels also include the year of manufacture



 Both Prescott and Woody did sign a great number of pieces, for this reason a signed piece is very nice to have but unfortunately does not add much value to the actual piece.



 Many sculptures that were made in the Marblehead studio were remade in the Hudson studio and then even again in the Wayland studio.  The only way to tell the difference is by the label on the underside of the base or by the letter/number marking on the Hudson studio described above.  The copyright date on each piece reflects the original design date and NOT the date of manufacture.


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